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w2n exists at the crossroads of Program Management, Telecommunications, to include Cyber Security Solutions, and Administrative Support programs. We understand that organizations achieve their mission and businesses are profitable, when projects have completion rates that meet or exceed time, budget and resource parameters.

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w2n has managed internship programs for Wall Street service firms and manages intern programs for Federal agencies. We have conducted EEO investigations for commercial and Federal customers and have provided legal counsel on matters involving EEO case law, precedents in discrimination law, employment/labor law, sexual harassment, and conflict of interest issues.


When natural domestic disasters occurred, w2n provided case management technical assistance and training to HOPE VI (the Program for Revitalization of Severely Distressed Public Housing) grantees impacted by Hurricanes IKE and Gustav. w2n supported the interim and final DHAP (Disaster Housing Assistance Program) IKE program evaluation efforts and served on a White House Task Force on disaster relief efforts establishing economic empowerment initiatives in St. Petersburg, Florida.


w2n has specialized skills and knowledge for the installation, connectivity and removal of voice, data and video circuitry, facilities and equipment, which includes LAN and WAN connections, telephone adds, moves, and changes and fiber paths and terminations. We provide problem determination and resolution services related to an organization’s network, and technical and management support for telecommunications infrastructures consisting of digital telephone systems, paging systems, video teleconferencing equipment, high-speed fiber networks, hubs, switches routers, copper and fiber cable plant, and equipment providing wireless cellular connectivity. We have experienced, qualified management and technical personnel that maintain and troubleshoot telecommunications infrastructure.


w2n and its team have provided full information technology security management services to the government and private sector. Our team includes information assurance (IA) and cyber security experts with advanced degrees and technical certifications, including certified information security systems professionals (CISSP).
We are experts in safeguarding information systems and look for every opportunity to help our customers effectively manage risk and protect mission critical data.

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